The ticketing system

Box Office West provides a sophisticated yet affordable box office software and venue management system for live-event venues. Box Office West allows venues to keep their ticketing in house, control ticket pricing and fees, and add marketing tools.

Whether you sell a thousand or a million tickets a year, Box Office West is a solution you need to examine closely... the benefits to your venue can't be overstated. This is a system that is custom-made for sports teams, theatres, cinemas, stadiums, event venues, universities, festivals, trade shows, tourism attractions and more.

Look at these benefits:

  • Low cost of operation;
  • A complete Internet-based ticketing solution including box office, telephone and Internet ticket sales, subscriptions, web presence and marketing;
  • Real time unified inventory across all sales channels;
  • Colour-coded interactive seat maps with the ability for customers to select the seats of their choice with the click of a mouse... they can see the available seat locations and are not limited to open seats that are randomly selected by the system;
  • Sophisticated database hosting and management by us on our secure servers -- no need for you to invest in server hardware, software and maintenance;
  • Detailed sales and financial reporting;
  • Customers can choose from these delivery methods: mail, pick-up at your box office, and print-at-home;
  • You can offer reserved tickets, general admission tickets, subscriptions and season tickets;
  • Easy to use for both venues and their customers;
  • Use customized ticket stock and thermal printers, or print tickets on plain paper using a simple office printer;
  • You control all ticketing and marketing;
  • Use your system to provide ticketing for multiple venues and events;
  • Online credit card sales revenue goes directly into your account;
  • All the requirements to accept credit and debit cards is built into the system -- no need for you to sign up with a credit card processor, or a gateway provider to allow online sales. It is all part of the system;
  • Venue and event managers login anytime to manage events and their account online;
  • You have a fully templated ticket designer tool available, with ability to add coupons and advertising to print-at-home tickets;
  • No ongoing administration, license, support or installation fees... your cost is related directly to the number of tickets sold;
  • Free upgrades;
  • Easy installation and setup;
  • Import existing client data;
  • We provide on-site or remote installation and training;
  • You have 24-hour technical support;
  • All your tickets are bar coded;
  • If you wish to use them, ticket scanners at the entrance provide you with the ultimate in control and instant validation for your customers -- and you use a simple app on Android or Apple devices to do the scanning, no special hardware needed.

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The convenience of  

online ticket sales

Links to online sales for your events are easily integrated into your existing web site. We will be happy to assist you with the integration by providing the necessary details to you or your web developer.

As well, links to all Box Office West venues are available on this web site, so people can buy tickets to your events.

Even if you don't have a web site, you still get the exposure to the market through Not only that, but we will create a page on this web site to promote your venue or event, complete with web site and email links back to you.

Together, we will make it easy for your customers to find out about your events, and purchase their tickets online.

While we encourage you to acquire any hardware you require from your local or favourite supplier, we will be happy to provide you with the specifications, or can put you in contact with an authorized supplier who is fully familiar with our system's requirements.

If you do not already own the necessary hardware, it is one of the few up-front costs you will have in order to implement Box Office West at your venue.